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Hi Guys,

this morning I released Version 0.6.2 of my wordpress plugin.

These are the major changes:

  • Caching: You can now cache the tables. This improves the speed of the page loading. If you don’t want to cache, just set the cache to NoCache.
  • Icons are enabled: But beware. Have a look at the FAQ: The problem is, that it is not allowed by the DFL to show icons of the teams of the german bundesliga
  • The refresh problem in the settings is solved!

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Hi Guys,

as promised, here is version 0.6.1 including the possibility to choose a fav. team and the comparison option if you want to use the plugin in a page.

The fav. team will be displayed bold in the widget.

If you want to use the plugin in a page, just use [football-standings] in  a page.
There are still some issues with the comparison view. As it is not possible to snychrnonize the two compared leagues.
I will have a look at it (I guess I need some AJAX here 😉 ), will (again) learn how to use AJAX and try to put it in the next version.

Also there is still a litte bug in the options. If you save them, you manually have to relaunch the site to see the changes in the options view (This is just in the view, the data is stored correctly to the database). <= I’m on it.

I hope I can bring out the next version real soon.


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Hi Guys,


as previously announced there is finally a new version of the football standings plugin. It does not has the same functionality as version 0.5.0.

Here are the main changes:

  • Only PHP5 support
  • It is not possible to show icons in the table (this is not allowed by the DFL)
  • Caching disabled

Since this version does not have the functionality of 0.5.0 here is a little road map where you can see which features are planned for the upcoming versions:

  • 0.6.1: Support the page with gamedays and comparison mode of two leagues. Fav. team support.
  • 0.6.2: Caching
  • 0.6.3: PHP4 support (only if you wish it 😉 )

If you have any additional wishes or ideas, just leave a comment… 😉

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Hi guys,

after almost 2 years I decided to refactor my once written (in a totally maintenance friendly manner) wordpress plugin.

I was really shocked, when I realized that my last commit was on 2009-4-7.  But there where so many other things to do in the past two years…

With the refactoring some things will change:

  • There will be no PHP4 support
  • Finally the plugin will be OO 😉

Since I didn’t write that much PHP Code in the past 2 years (I was mostly implementing Silverlight applications. BTW: Silverlight is really nice! Mybe there will be a SL Version of the plugin, too 😉 ), I hope I will get into it really soon, so that I can finish the first refactorings in the next days.

If you have any wishes for the future Version, just leave a comment and I’ll think about including it.

Stay tuned,


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