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Hi Guys,

finally the plugin got listet at joomla extensions!!

Here is the link Most Popular files for PhocaDownlad.

Please stop by and feel free to rate it ūüėČ



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I was looking for a module for Joomla which displays the most popular files for PhocaDownload. I googled a little bit and found this one: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension-specific/phoca-download-extensions/7462. The problem was that it was not prepare for Joomla 1.7, which is what I am using. So I decided to spent some time and implement it by my own.

Today I release the first version of the plugin: 1.0.0-beta. You can get it here: Download. I’m looking forward to put it on Joomla Extensions.¬†The module is listet on Joomla Extensions (see¬†here¬†or here).

Ok, now I want to introduce the functionality of the module.


Download the archive¬†and install it via the “Joomla Extension Manager”.
It should appear in the “Module Manager” view now, if not, you have to add it via the “New” button in the view.


If you click on the title of the module in the view you get to the configuration of the module.
On the left side you get the basic joomla module options like what is the title of the module, …
On the right side you see the module specific options, which I’ll explain to you now ūüėČ

  • Max showed items: The number of the maximum showed files. In this example, up to 10 files will be showed.
  • Count of columns: The count of columns you need to display the popular files. An example for two you’ll see in the next picutre.
  • Popular determiation: Rating means with higher rating the file is more popular. Downloads mean with more downloads the file is ¬†more popular.
  • Show the description: If yes the description will be shown next to the file title.
  • Show the rating stars: If yes the rating stars are shown (as in the picture above), if no there will be no stars.
  • Show the count of downloads: If yes the current download count will be shown next to (or instead of) the stars.


Two css files are basically used for the module. The¬†phocadownloadrating.css (components/com_phocadownload/assets/phocadownloadrating.css) and the¬†mod_phocadownload_popular.css (modules/mod_phocadownloads_popular_2/assets/mod_phocadownload_popular.css). Here you can style the “frontend view” of the module.

If you have any comments, wishes, … just leave a comment here.

Hope you’ll download and enjoy the module ūüėČ

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