Hi guys,

after almost 2 years I decided to refactor my once written (in a totally maintenance friendly manner) wordpress plugin.

I was really shocked, when I realized that my last commit was on 2009-4-7.  But there where so many other things to do in the past two years…

With the refactoring some things will change:

  • There will be no PHP4 support
  • Finally the plugin will be OO 😉

Since I didn’t write that much PHP Code in the past 2 years (I was mostly implementing Silverlight applications. BTW: Silverlight is really nice! Mybe there will be a SL Version of the plugin, too 😉 ), I hope I will get into it really soon, so that I can finish the first refactorings in the next days.

If you have any wishes for the future Version, just leave a comment and I’ll think about including it.

Stay tuned,